Goal Met in Day18


I gave myself a 20 day challenge to lose 5 pounds and I did it within 18 good days. Not an easy process but not something I need to cry about either. It’s all about determination, motivation, and dedication. I was normally eating healthy at home – so it wasn’t hard to prep 5 healthy meals PLUS 1 cheat meal a day. A total of 6 small portion meal a day can be annoying but hey – it works! I added in a cheat meal each day to motivate myself not to give up & it worked for me. I think if I didn’t have a cheat meal each day – I won’t be able to make it.


I did sign up for Goodlife’s 14 day trial and went for 8-9 days out of 14 days. I take it as “Me’ time while I was at the gym. But I did feel guilty not being home and with my Munchkin. So after the 14 day trial – I continued to workout at home daily. My daily exercise is – cardio, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, arm/leg weight workout.


I was actually surprised that I made it in 18 days because I did have a couple of ‘big meals’. AKA 1 Bachelorette party, 1 wedding/100 day celebration, 2 buffets, and I think that’s about it. Something I can’t say no to is – Japanese food. I crave for it every day.



This 20 day challenge is over – I’m just giving myself a little break for now. That doesn’t mean I can go back to my crazy eating and lack of exercise. It still continues daily when I am at home but I won’t be counting my calories anymore. It was just too insane seeing those calories numbers. When I am out – I will just enjoy it. When I am at home – I still stay healthy and exercise 3-4times a week to maintain this weight. I do feel a huge difference – a couple inches down – my clothes fits a lot better. I’ll be having another challenge very soon when I’m ready for it. My goal is to be 123lb-125lb this year. Wish me luck!

Susan & Damon’s Wedding / Layla’s 100 day Celebration


Another belated post – just catching up with my posts while I can. Susan & Damon’s Wedding / Layla’s 100 day celebration was held at Very Fair Restaurant on March 23rd 2014(Sunday). It was a very fun night for all of us – especially Munchkin. I was glad that I got to hold Layla at least once since she was the center of attention that night. What a lucky Auntie I am eh?


Lots of food – too much food that night. I shared my meal with Munchkin and there were still leftovers. The food came out fast – dinner started around 8ish in the evening. It was a delayed but kinda expected in all weddings. We got to the venue around 5ish to take photos and just hangout.


Course – gotta capture the moments. I’m surprised Munchkin was quite good since we were there for 5 good hours. He was on the dance floor dancing, participating in games, and of course playing with all the bridesmaid. What a ladies man right? Please – no girlfriends yet!

Jessica 24th & Clement’s 26th Birthday Celebration


Almost a month belated – we celebrated Jessica & Clements Birthday on March 16th 2014 (Sunday) at Jessica’s home and followed by a surprised birthday party for them at another friends’ house. We had a mixture of Vietnamese & Chinese food that her parents prepared for us. Everything was very yummilicious!


Cake & Booze time.


Kodak Moments


Kodak Moments


At the surprise party for the birthday boy & birthday girl. Another year older – another year wiser. Wishing you both success, wealth, and good health forever.

Susan’s Bachelorette Party at Yoko Sushi & Japanese Restaurant


Hosted my girlfriend Susan’s Bachelorette party at Yoko Sushi & Japanese Restaurant on March 15th 2014. I debated for quite sometime if I should go forward with this celebration because it was quite last minute and super close to the wedding celebration. But at the end – I did consult with her and decided to go forward with it. Reason being – Bachelorette party is once a life time and she deserves to have one.


I’m glad it actually did happen -now this is another special and happy moment to look back on one day. I still do look back on my own bachelorette that happened three years ago. I had so much fun and crazy moments. So much good memories with my girlfriends. Makes me smile :) .


To follow – we decided to head for dessert at 0109. I’m not a dessert fan – so I passed on this. Wishing you many years of happiness Susan!

Munchkin at 25 Month Old

march 07 march 08

Munchkin is 25 month old this month and boy does he get cuter and cuter every day. Sometimes I can just stare at him for hours when he’s sleeping. Seems like a crazy mother I am right? But I just can’t help it. He can drive me nuts but at the same time melt my heart. Spoiling by a lot of families and friends all the time. I just hope he doesn’t grow up spoiled. I wanted to potty train him ever since he turned 2 but I think I’ll hold it off for a couple more months. He’s learning single words now – some he can’t pronounce well but we understand it. He recently learned “please” – but he says it as “pee” lol. Too funny and yet cute. He’s not as shy as before. Just like yesterday when we were at a wedding/100 day celebration. I put him in the middle of the dance floor surrounded with people. He wasn’t like running away or crying or even looking for me. He was just standing there – dancing and enjoying himself. I can tell that his first day of school will be easy for him. He knows how to please all the ladies too! I just hope he doesn’t have too many girlfriends’ in the future and forget his mama. He eats mostly everything now except things that contains milk and nuts. He loves to be out and ever since Spring hit – we’ve been out a lot. I just hope the weather will be warmer – so we can go out to the park every day and he can run freely on the grass fields. Oh – one more thing. When we are out now – he would hold our fingers tightly now instead of wanting to go on his own. Which he used to do that but now he’s a good boy. I love watching him grow and be himself. <3

Spoiling Our Kid

march 05

I’m not a fan of spoiling my own kid because I was raised not spoiled. We only buy things for Munchkin when he needs it or special occasions. We don’t randomly buy him a toy out of nowhere. I believe it’s easier to learn this way in the future. If he scores good grades – then he’ll deserve a present kind of reward. You know what I mean? Since we don’t spoil him – family members, aunties, and uncles spoil him. ONLY on special occasions – such as Christmases and Birthdays only.

But since it was his birthday a couple days ago – we got him a pair of Jordans like last year. I want to have something he can collect throughout the years till he’s old enough to get his own jordans. Maybe a full time job at 24? Who knows – till then we’ll keep getting him a pair of Jordans every year and it’s something that he can look back to. My hubby is a huge shoe fan and hopefully Munchkin can share with his daddy one day. lol.

march 06

Last years pair vs this years. He grew out of his first pair last September. :)

Summer where are you?

march 04march 04


I think we have enough of winter this year – I’m so ready to put on my t-shirts and shorts and head to the park with my baby boy. He’s bored at home too – there’s only so much to do during winter seasons. I can’t wait to go out for morning runs and get in shape. Can’t wait to bring Munchkin back to swimming lessons. Can’t wait to have picnics, garden parties, and etc. One thing I’m more anticipating is – cleaning the rugs in the foyer -_-” – you have no idea how much it is bothering me – even though I vacuum it almost every day. Do you call that a phobia? lol. I can’t wait to clean Hubbys’ car – all that disgusting salt and snow stains. SUMMER please come by soon!

Munchkins’ Second Birthday with Us

march 01

We brought Munchkin to Xplore & Play at Stouffville on his actual birthday where we ran around and just played for two hours long. He was a bit sleepy to start off with but when he saw so many kids – he began to hyper up. Hubby & I love watching him play and just enjoy himself. It’s another milestone of his and we are there to witness it. His happiness is our happiness. Our pride and joy. He’s hubby & my little creation.

march 02

We took the day easy – after the indoor playground – we headed home so Munchkin could nap for two hours before heading out for dinner with the inlaws. Of course gotta take family selfies together. Look at silly this boy is.

march 03

Our favorite food – Japanese food. Even Munchkin loves sushi just like his parents. He loved the avocado maki. I can have this every day if I could. A very satisfying dinner indeed. On a special day like this – all I want to do is spend family time and just relax. Hence why I did his birthday a week early. I don’t want to be so busy on his actual birthday – I want to enjoy the moment with him. Happy 2nd birthday baby boy.

I love blogging and I love re-reading my blog posts. Here’s the posts from last year – his first birthday party part 1   & First birthday part part 2 & first birthday with family.

Valentines day 2014 – Our 6th Valentine’s day together

feb 64

Finally blogging about our 6th Valentine’s day together. I know my blog posts is not in order but oh well – I can only remember so much. Time is very limited too and I only blog during my Munchkins’ nap time. My only free time out of the day. When he’s sleeping – it’s hubby time.

Anyhow – some may think – what’s the big deal with Valentine’s days? To me – it’s special. Not a big deal but it’s special. Does that even make sense? lol. Spent our 6th Valentine’s day together. Every year – except 2011 Valentine’s day – I would be cooking at home. I enjoy homemade food instead of going out to the busy and noisy restaurants. I enjoy just spending time with my other half. Well – of course with Munchkin too. It’s Munchkins’ 2nd Valentine’s day with us this year.

feb 65 feb 66

This year I made Surf & Turf with grilled potatoes & lobster soup. To top it off – we had cupcakes as desserts. Chocolate goodness!

feb 67

Here’s Munchkin wearing his PJ’s on Valentine’s day! He had a bite of the cupcakes too and loved it immediately.

For me – I don’t need anything fancy and extravagant. All I want is to spend time with my love. The more time he gives me the better. I’m sucha clingy wife eh? I just love having my husband home to cuddle. There’s nothing more I want. <3

My Baby is turning 2!

feb 62

I’m feeling a little bittersweet – in 3 days my baby is turning 2! How time flies! I can’t call him a baby no more because he’ll be a toddler! I always look back to my albums and reminisce back to the day he was born. Everything was so perfect and pain-free. It’s surreal this Munchkin is turning two – I would love to keep him like a baby forever in my arms. He’s learning quite a lot, talking a lot more now, and understands almost everything we say.

feb 63

Back when he was 9 days old! See how tiny he was. I’ll be having another blog post for his actual birthday next week. Stay tune for that.